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Windows 101 -- How Not To Get Seduced By Windows Claiming "Lifetime Warranty"

2016-11-04 13:42:09 in Business by Aiden Wilson

Hi, Aaron here from California Deluxe Windows. I want to share with you some thoughts on warranties. And you know, big manufacturing companies are very creative writing warranties because they have the help of very bright, and very well-educated attorneys and probably more than one. I don't blame them because they have to protect themselves against every possible situation. But here is what is important: They always write in huge font across the top of the page, "LIFETIME WARRANTY." Okay, that sounds great, who wouldn't want to have a lifetime warranty? I would. But when you read lower and lower and lower, you find out what it actually means. And you discover in the same warranty, that there are exceptions. Exceptions if it installed by a third part other than the manufacturer, exceptions if you live close to the ocean, but the most important exception that as a consumer I cannot forgive a manufacturer for any reason is exceptions for "natural weathering" and "atmospheric conditions."

Did you understand that? Atmospheric conditions? Natural weathering? That's everything under the sun! So what does it really mean when you buy windows with a lifetime warranty that have these exceptions?

Just today I was told by a large volume contractor who is buying windows for his personal home from our factory that he installed vinyl windows manufactured in California in his friend's home three years ago, and they are already yellow. YELLOW?! Well "natural weathering," "atmospheric conditions," what can you say? The reason for this discoloration is because of the ingredients and the formula for the extrusion varies tremendously from one company to another. The cheapest windows are literally made from recycled vinyl coming from Tupperware, toilet seats, or toothbrushes. It looks fine for the first year or two, and if you're lucky three or four, but it always begins to show hairline cracks that you can barely see, or begins to yellow and that is "natural weathering" and "atmospheric conditions." So please watch out. If you buy a window and you think you got a great price and the window looks great, it's very energy efficient, or so they claim, please pause and consider this: Usually only the glass is tested for energy efficiency and if just the glass has been tested for energy efficiency, nothing about the vinyl framing needs to pass testing in order to be installed your home. So putting very good glass in very bad vinyl framing is not going to get you a dramatic increase in energy efficiency. I encourage you to do your research and when you finally decide to buy windows, to pull out their warranty and read all of it. DON'T GET SEDUCED JUST BY THE HEADLINE. Look at the fine print and ask all the questions you may have to the manufacturer's representative about what you have read in the fine print. It will help you make a much better, more intelligent decision about how to spend your money for windows.

Thank you for listening,
Aaron, RMO of California Deluxe Windows®

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