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NEWLY RECORDED! MUST WATCH for anyone considering a window project.

2016-11-07 16:50:45 in Home & Garden Decor by Aiden Wilson

For more stories likes this. Bob became a customer 10 years ago with California Deluxe Windows. Today he routinely walked in for what he thought was dropping off a few screens to get renewed, and had no idea he was about to be in this video for more info visit http://www.cdwindows.com.

California Deluxe Windows specializes in manufacturing custom vinyl windows and doors for homeowners in California. We are unique in that we take care of your project from manufacture to installation and even afterwards when you need to make use of your warranty. We actually stand by our lifetime warranty because of the fact that the quality of materials we use during manufacture is of the highest grade. We use UPVC vinyl instead of PVC vinyl, which prevents discoloration and fading. We use stainless steel reinforcement inside the window frames and window sashes in order to prevent window warping. Instead of a retrofit windows installation or breaking your stucco with new construction replacement windows, our windows and doors installation is performed with our signature California Deluxe Windows block frame installation service. The Low E Energy Efficient Cardinal Glass we use is the highest rated energy efficient glass available and is measured to prevent over 90% of UV Rays from entering your home. To top this all off, every single home window and door we manufacture for your residence are brand new windows and doors custom built for each opening. Visit http://www.cdwindows.com or call (800) 639-9463 for more information.