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Manufacturer Of Highest Quality Fluorescent And LED Bulb Sockets

2018-10-23 11:22:33 in Business by Aiden Wilson

At HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc., we specialize in providing quality fluorescent sockets, and lamp socket replacement parts for retrofit projects. We maintain a diverse inventory of sockets and wiring devices – guaranteed to exceed your expectations and quality standards. We also provide a top selection of high output fluorescent light sockets as well as convenience outlets, light socket converters and clip in light sockets for all your installation needs. With a good selection of models in each variety, we can find the right socket to meet your lighting requirements. We focus our attention on supplying top-notch products our customers can rely on for the long-term.

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H. H. Fluorescent & LED Products
104 Beecher Ave.
Cheltenham, PA 19012
Phone: 215-379-2750